Dino Martens Oriente Marullo, for Rag.Aureliano Toso Murano

Free-blown glass with inclusions of multi-colored grind glass, reticello fragments and segments of zanfirico canes. The Oriente technique was presented at the XXVI Biennale internazionale d'arte in Venice in 1952 with Marullo (model 3126) as one of the earliest models.   Lit.¬†Heiremans M. Art glass from Murano 1910-1970, p.196 n.157. Arnoldsche 1993. - Heiremans M. Dino Martens, Muranese glass designer, p.70. Arnoldsche 1999. - Heiremans M. Vetreria Aureliano Toso, Murano 1938-1968, p.42, n.031. Arnoldsche 2016.

Designer: Martens Dino (1894-1970)Manufacturer: Vetreria artistica Rag.Aureliano TosoSubject: Oriente MarulloPeriod: 1952Dimensions: H.22 x D.20 cm (H.8.8 x D.8 inch)Condition: Excellent conditionSignature: UnmarkedPrice: 15.500,00  Tags: , , ,

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