Trasparente vase by Carlo Scarpa for Maestri vetrai Muranesi Murano c.1927

Small but utterly refined trasparente or soffiato vase (model 5742) by Carlo Scarpa for MVM-Cappellin 1927     Barovier, M. The M.V.M.-Cappellin glassworks and the young Carlo Scarpa 1925-1931. Milan: 2018, p.95-123 and p.541

Designer: Scarpa Carlo (1906-1978)Manufacturer: Maestri Vetrai Muranesi (M.V.M.) - Cappellin e Co. Murano ItalySubject: Trasparente vasePeriod: 1928Dimensions: H.16,5 x 13,5 cm. (H.6.6 x 5.4 inch)Condition: Minute crack between one handle and rimSignature: Acid-stamped "MVM Cappellin Murano"Dimensions (H): 16.5 cm (6.50 in)Price: 2.200,00  Tags: , , , , ,

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