Gallitzendörfer for Manufaktur Chiemsee (Heinrich & Co.) Seethal am Chiemsee, Germany 1951.

Post-war unique porcelain vase hand-painted by the hitherto unidentified artist Gallitzendörfer in 1951 at the Manufaktur Chiemsee (artistic subdivision of Heinrich & Co. Selb) in Seethal am Chiemsee.

In 1947 Heinrich & Co. (founded in Selb Bavaria in 1896) established a separate artistic subdivision, the Manufaktur Chiemsee in Seethal am Chiemsee which remained operational until 1973. Here, existing Heinrich porcelain models were decorated in a variety of techniques by -today mostly unidentified- artists. Most of their experiments remained unique. The present vase emerged from this workshop where it was paint by an hitherto unidentfied artist Gallitzendörfer in 1951.

Cfr.: Makus H. Keramik der 50er jahre – formen, farben und dekore – ein handbuch. Stuttgart 2005.

Designer: GallitzendorferManufacturer: Heinrich & Co. Chiemsee (1947-1973)Subject: One-off decorated vasePeriod: 1951Dimensions: H.31 x 17 cm. (H.12.4 x 6.8 inch)Condition: Excellent conditionSignature: Factory mark and hand-painted Gallitzendorfer 1951Price: 850,00 

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