Pasta vitrea vase based on a model by Tomaso Buzzi, Venini Murano Italy, 1965-69.

  During the sixties Venini re-introduced the use of pasta, an opaque glass sort with peculiar characteristics. It was rarely used to blow, but instead used as a surface cover or -as in the present vase- trapped between colourless layers. The decorative line pattern on the shoulders is the unforseen result of manipulations during the forming of the blown vessel.

Lit.: Venini – Listino prezzi 1969 (so-called green catalogue), p.41 model 706.37

Designer: Buzzi Tomaso (1900-1981)Manufacturer: Venini Murano ItalySubject: Pasta vase (model 3429)Period: Form 1933, adapted execution 1965-69Dimensions: H.31 cm x 28 cm x 14 cm (H.12.2 x 11 inch)Condition: Excellent conditionSignature: EngravedPrice: 4.500,00 

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