Unica vase with submerged fish and seaweed by Andries Dirk Copier for the Leerdam glassfactory

A thick-walled art deco Leerdam Unica vase by Andries Dirk Copier. Internal decoration of two jumping fish and seaweed over an enclosed layer of burst iridescence.

Free-blown glass with degrading colours and an enclosed layer of burst crackle. The decoration was obtained with the aid of metal stamps which were forced into the hot glass wall whereafter the object was covered with an additional layer of glass. Hence the presence of airbubbles.

Cfr.: Ricke H. Leerdam unica – 50 jaar modern nederlands glas. Düsseldorf 1977. – Heiremans M. Leerdam unica 1923-1987. Ghent 1987. – Temminck J./Geurtz L. Complete Copier – The oeuvre of A.D.Copier 1901-1991. Rotterdam 2012.

Designer: Copier Andries Dirk (1901 -1991)Manufacturer: Leerdamse glasfabrieken Leerdam The NetherlandsSubject: Leerdam Unica V-141Period: 1943Dimensions: H.19,5 x 25,5 cm (H.7.8 x 10.2 inch)Condition: Excellent conditionSignature: Engraved signaturePrice: 5.200,00  Tags: , , ,

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